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  • Regulatory requirements when practicing an equestrian activity in France

Regulatory requirements when practicing an equestrian activity in France

In addition to company setting-up formalities, equestrian businesses must also complete a certain number of administrative regulatory requirements, which depend on the number of horses managed within the equestrian structure.

The above health and safety requirements aim to protect horses and provide transparent sanitary information to control illness and epidemic breakouts. All the below requirements are free and currently being digitalised.

Declarations must be filed whether horse detainers are private people or professionals.

  • Declaration of detention: Any person, private or professional, who detains at least one horse on its premises, whether it be on a temporary or permanent basis, must file a declaration of detention with the IFCE.

For example, livery yards and competition organisers must file a declaration detention with the IFCE. Horse owners who put their horses in livery yards do not have to file any declaration.

The declaration of detention does not apply when the person keeping the horse is the owner, therefore a private person who owns two horses and keeps them at home does not have to file the declaration.

  • Herd registry:  any person, private or professional including horse owners, who keep at least one horse on its premises must complete and update a herd registry. This herd registry must include information on the type of equestrian set-up, a chronological report of every movement of horses in and out of the premises as well as the medication and veterinary care provided to each horse.
  • Sanitary vet: any person, private or professional, detaining more than three horses on its premises must designate a sanitary vet. The designation must be signed by the designated sanitary vet and filed with the local health and sanitary authority. The sanitary vet oversees controlling animal protection and public safety missions.

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