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What is our vision of equine law ?

According to the latest figures, the horse industry, with its €14 billion in financial flows, is much more than just an industry of passion.

In addition to the financial stakes of the horse industry, there are millions of jobs, multiple projects, sporting successes and failures, all combined with customs, traditions and legends that are sometimes centuries old.

Today, the horse industry is evolving in an increasingly international context and facing a public that is very attentive to horse welfare and social license. We consider that it is our responsibility, as a leading equine law firm, to include these industry issues, particularly in terms of horse well-being and social license, into the services and advice that we provide.

Our vision of equine law is providing sound advice applicable to any activity related to the horse industry that combines legal expertise with professional knowledge of the horse industry.

This is the guarantee of the protection of your interests and activities.

Who are we ?

We decided to create a law firm in equine law and the equine sector consisting of an equestrian sports division and a horse racing division to satisfy the increasing amount of client requests.

To meet the international challenges of our clients, we have made our team perfectly bilingual in English and French. In this way, we can draft and negotiate bilingual documentation and work with trusted international partners.

Our team is also made up of horse rider, horse owners and is passionate about high-level equestrian sports and horse racing.

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How Do We Work ?

Our work methods our adapted to the horse industry. This is why we are quickly available by phone in order to collect the initial informations on your file, especially in the event of an emergency. Our professional experience enables us to quickly understand the stakes at play.

From the initial contact, we shall provide you with what we consider to be the most efficient next step given your situation, going from the a meeting at out firm, request for transfer of documents or phone/visio call.

We are also to receive documents by all means. We generally prefer electronic signatures and file transmission because it is practical and saves the planet.

Notre méthode de travail


We can be reached quickly over the phone in order to get the initial information on your case. If needed, we can offer to set-up a meeting in order to get a better understanding of your casefile.


The quality of our analysis depends on the quality of the casefile which is provided to us i.e. how much information and documents are given to us.


Our professional experience enables us to do a quick and effective analysis of your casefile and rapid understanding of the stakes at play before issuing you with an an initial quote for the work. We shall always ask you what your aim is and shall provide you with a tailor made approach.


After having provided you with our conclusions and exposed the different options, we shall implement the process that we have agree upon. We shall then provide you with regular updates as the case progresses.


After having being sued in court by an ex-client, I contacted Mrs. Jessopp through a recommendation.

I wanted a specialised serious equine law firm. I did not expect to meet such a dedicated and understanding professional. Mrs. Jessopp did an excellent job (the plaintiff lost) and she also took the time to listen to me and to advise me. I strongly recommend Mrs. Jessopp and I still keep asking her for advice when I need to.

Thank you for everything.

November 2023 – Professional Horse Intermediary

I used Mrs. JESSOPP for the drafting of terms and conditions for my company. I had a good and efficient contact with Mrs. JESSOPP. I strongly recommend this firm, they provide very good advice.

November 2023 – Professional Horse Transporter

I used Mrs. Jessopp’s services in a very sensitive case. I really appreciated the fact that she listened to me, was available and persevered to the end.

I can only recommend her services.

November 2023 – Sport Horse Breeder

Holly was available, a good listener and acted very quickly which is what we look for when contacting a lawyer : efficiency.

Thank you ☺️

November 2023 Sport Horse Breeder

Thank you very much for all your hard work and attention to detail.

April 2024 - Horse owner