Equestrian Sport Law Department

We have been working for many years to support individuals who are passionate and professional about equestrian sports and  all those connected to equestrian sports industry, whether in terms of horse breeding, selling or investing in sport horses.

We work with individuals, professional riders, coaches, breeders, owners, yards and equestrian centres, transporters and equine vets  in many areas.


Breeding & stallions

Our law firm represents professional breeders and stallion owners by offering legal advice in the drafting and negotiating specialized breeding and reproduction contracts (breeding, embryo transfer, boarding and breeding, ICSI, etc.). Our firm has also developed a particular expertise in breeding industry litigation, particularly in the acquisition of embryos (auction, private sales) and straws.

Investments, sales & purchases of sport horses of all levels on sales in France and abroad

We assist our clients in the context of their investments, through audit operations on investments (analysis of sports results, condition of the property), the drafting of sales contracts and tax optimization (VAT, capital gains). In addition, we can intervene in pre-litigation and post-sale litigation in the event of hidden defects, pre-contractual duty to disclose) before the French and international courts.

Promotion, livery, valorization of sport horses

Our team of equine lawyers assists you in your activities of livery, renting, promoting and working sport horses by drafting and negotiating specialized and personalized equine contracts. It is thanks to this particular expertise that we are able to assist you in all types of related litigation.

Debt Recovery

In the equestrian sports sector, unpaid bills are a significant issue that must be kept under control. This is why we work with our equestrian clients by offering personalized recovert strategies, adapted to the financial stakes. We propose the drafting of formal notices, the management of amicable and judicial debt recovery procedures before the judicial and commercial courts in France. We also assist you in exercising liens and the implementation of the auction sale procedure resulting from the French Dombreval law.

Disciplinary, sports doping proceedings and litigation

Our teams assist you in your sports disputes in the context of violations of sporting regulations and human and animal doping, before the French Equestrian Federation and the International Equestrian Federation.

Termination, revision of rural and commercial leases

We intervene in advising on rural and commercial leases and, if necessary, support before the French rural and commercial courts in the context of procedures for the termination and revision of lease amount.

Professional Liability – insurance litigation

It is because horse riding and equestrian sports are high risk activities and the horse can be the cause of an accident or the object of the accident that we assist you in your professional civil liability and insurance disputes. We assist you during the amicable and judicial expert appraisal phases as well as before the courts in the context of contractual and tort liability proceedings.