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Presentation of main horse related authorities in France

The French horse industry is governed by several regulatory and administrative authorities which intervene on various levels, setting- general horse industry policies and providing sanitary rules and regulations.

Firstly, the Institut Français du Cheval et de l’Equitation (IFCE) (https://www.ifce.fr/) is a public service operator directly attached to French ministry of agriculture.

This administration oversees regulating and organising the horse industry in France by practicing several different missions:

  • Horse ownership: the IFCE oversees registry and controlling changes to horse ownership by editing horse registration cards and registering property transfers. All horses, whether sport horses or racehorses, fall under the regulations of the IFCE.
  • Training the IFCE creates and provides annual training programs for all aspects or horse care and equestrian business.
  • Research, innovation, and development in the horse industry.
  • Sanitary regulations.

Secondly, the French Equestrian Federation (FFE) is then in charge of regulating all equestrian sports and is attached to the French ministry of sport. One one hand, it provides the general framework for riding horses in France by issuing riding licences, supervising professional equestrian establishments, and training equestrian professionals. On the other hand, it is the national equestrian competition authority and supervises the application of sport regulations and national equestrian competitions.

However, the French Equestrian Federation has no power over horse racing issues which are dealt with by three separate institutions which depend on the French agricultural and financial ministries.

  • France Galop (https://www.france-galop.com/fr) is a non-lucrative association in charge of regulating flat and jumping horse racing in France.
  • Socété d’Encouragement du Cheval Français (SECF) (https://www.letrot.com/fr/) is a non-lucrative association in charge of regulating trotting racing in France.

France Galop and the SECF are the main shareholders of the Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU) economic interest group (https://entreprise.pmu.fr/notre-organisation/)  which regulates betting and the management of racecourses.

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